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This Membership Site Buddy package contains:

- Membership Site Buddy Script: script to build a simple yet comprehensive membership site
- Guide to Membership Site: an ebook on how to run a membership site successfully
- MP3 of Million Dollar Memberships


Admin Functions

- Simple Member has on screen documentation. Every page of the admin area has explanations of what the options do and how to set them up.
- Customize site name, meta description, and meta keywords.
- Customize Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy from the admin area.
- Mass mail system. Send broadcast emails out to all members who have agreed to receive emails from you. Works with or without cron jobs.

If cron jobs are not available to you, there is a function available to send the emails out with just one click.
- Single user mail system. Admin can choose to send an email to any one member. Simple interface for email built right into the manage

member page.
- Manage member details page allows admin to pull up information on any member. Members can be sorted by first name, last name, user name,

email, or member id.

Member Functions

- Automated payment and signup. Once a new member pays he is returned to the signup page.
- Member receives an email on free or paid signup as well as on OTO purchase.
- Automatically logs member into members area after successful signup. No more making your members wait for an email to get their products.
- Simple Member has a template driven member area. You can change the header and footer html files to customize the look and feel of your

- Download pages are database driven for added security and can only be accessed from within the members area.
- Reset password feature. If a member loses his password he can have his password reset to a random password and it will be mailed to his

email on file. Feature requires both username and email address to be correct in order to protect against members resetting others

- All passwords are encrypted for added security.
- Members have a profile area where they can change their password, email address, and choose to opt in or opt out of your script run

mailing list.
- Members get clean affiliate links. Using a redirect system affiliate URL's are coded This

allows affiliates to advertise links that are not ugly referral urls like most systems have.
- All html code is validated as proper code. Every page that outputs html has been tested using the W3C validator.

Additional Functions

- Options for free or paid membership, or both.
- Optional One Time Offers (OTOs) which may be shown on the first login into members area. If a member buys the OTO, the member is returned

directly back to his member area and provided a new link allowing access to the purchase.
- The OTO is a true one time offer which is database driven and will only be shown once. Once viewed, the member is flagged and will not be

shown the page again.
- Free membership, paid membership and OTOs all have their own customizable sales page and download page.
- Built in affiliate system helps to make your product viral. All members become affiliates as soon as they add their Paypal email into

their profile. The admin area allows you to set the percentage of each sale that affiliates will receive.
- Optional JV capability. You can choose if you want to allow JV signups. If the JV option is turned off, then the JV signup form is

automatically disabled by the form so there is no need to hide your signup page.
- Option to use live PayPal or PayPal sandbox for testing.
- All payments are logged in the database as well as a text file. Double logging all payments means added protection against lost payments

or payment disputes.
- Option to limit membership. If you set a membership limit you can customize a page to be shown when membership limit is reached. The

script keeps count of your members and will automatically switch pages once the membership limit is reached.
- Option to raise price after each sale. You set an amount you want the price to go up and it will automatically be updated after every

- Admin receives an email on each free or paid signup as well as each OTO purchase.
- Protected download directory. Using a hidden redirect you can create links to your product which hide your actual download directory. You

can name the directory anything you wish and changing the direct link involves simply updating one field in the admin settings.
- Set up unlimited marketing emails for your affiliates and JV Partners. Using a simple to follow interface, you can add and edit marketing

emails in seconds.


- Why membership sites can be such a flawless business model in the internet era.

- An introduction to different membership site models.

- The importance of exclusivity in making your membership site succeed.

- Why getting free members can be crucial to the long term success of your membership site.

- The concept of community driven membership sites.

- The key trait that all successful membership sites have in common.

- How to go about deciding what your own membership site will be about.

- How you may be able to turn your passion or hobby into a membership site.

- 10 highly profitable membership site ideas.

- How to set-up your membership site on a shoestring budget.

- How to build you membership site.



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